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Mobile Device Management


Technology on the Move

Companies running their businesses on mobile solutions gain competitive advantages and drive top- line growth. Today’s organizations need a solution that provides them with tools to proactively monitor, control and protect the enterprise from end to end- across devices, apps, data and the network. That’s where we come in. Up Tech Services provides easy, stress free IT for not just your interoffice network, but for your mobile devices as well.

Upon user device enrollment, Up Tech can provision policies and apps to devices automatically, black list or whitelist apps, detect and protect against jail- broken or rooted devices, and wipe or selectively wipe a device that is lost, stolen, or out of compliance. Users can use any device they choose, while Up Tech can ensure compliance. Users can use any device they choose, while Up Tech can ensure compliance of corporate assets and secure corporate content on the device.

With our Mobile Device Manager you can:

  • Configure device settings, email, applications, policies, and device and application restrictions.
  • Provision devices simply and rapidly by enabling user self service enrollment and by distributing configuration, policy and application packages in an automated, role- based manner over- the- air.
  • Secure devices, applications, the network and data by setting authentication and access policies, blacklisting and whitelisting applications, enabling application tunnels and enforcing security policies at the gateway.
  • Support users by remotely locating, locking and wiping devices in the event of loss or theft, as well as remotely troubleshooting device and service issues.
  • Monitor devices, infrastructure, service and telecom expenses.
  • Track assets and employees in the field.
  • Segment capabilities for personal and corporate data on owner used devices: thus having the ability to wipe corporate data but leave personal data on the device.

Our Mobile Device Manager allows you to manage mobile devices, set mobile policies and compliance rules, gain visibility to the mobile network, provide control over mobile apps and data, and shield your network from mobile threats.