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Help Desk Support

Critical to your business…the heart beat of ours

At Up Tech, we know that our help desk is critical to the operations of our business.  As a centralized intake location for technical issues, it allows for a responsive and timely solution to get our customers back to business as usual.  In addition to handling immediate IT issues, our help desk performs several proactive tasks to ensure our customers’ systems remain operational and downtime is minimized.  Thus improving productivity, efficiency and overall satisfaction for our customers.

Advantages for Our Customers

  • Knowledgeable employees trained in the appropriate technologies in order to deliver an immediate response to end-user IT needs.
  • Knowledge and Problem Management Databases that allow us to improve operation efficiencies by reducing time spent to rediscover previous incidents or problems.
  • IT Asset Inventory that keeps track of your IT assets, enabling access to information about software and configuration of your IT systems.
  • We create monthly and annual reports on the number of issues, response time, and resolution time to ensure you are receiving the highest level of customer service and that your issues are taken care of in a timely fashion.
  • Maintenance customers benefit from a remote monitoring tool that proactively monitors your IT systems, alerts us to any identified issues and generates service requests automatically.  This ensure proactive and efficient IT service deliver, as well as proper documentation and tracking of IT issues.